Welcome to international Foundation for Africa Innovation

Founded in late 2011, iFAI is an organization dedicated to developing and transferring innovation management best and next practices into organizations in Africa. iFAI is an individual and corporate-membership based organization dedicated to promoting the acceptance of innovation management as a respectable profession in Africa.

iFAI will support the development and practical translation of innovation management practices and make them accessible and useful for application in Africa. iFAI will also support managerially-relevant studies on issues of key importance to business and organizational performance in Africa. Leading researchers and practitioners worldwide will participate in iFAI programs.

Individuals and organizations join iFAI because it is the most time- and cost-effective way to stay in touch with the leading thinkers and practitioners in innovation management. iFAI members have not only access to ‘best practice’ innovation management tools, processes and skills but, in addition, first access to the “next practice” that will be essential to meeting emerging business and other organizational challenges in Africa. iFAI’s activities and publications provide early access to leading-edge innovation management knowledge with practical implications for executives and their organizations.