About Us


Why iFAI Now?

There is no denying the fact that Africa is changing, and fast. Increasing globalization, demanding customers and fast improving economic and political environments in many African countries have spawned new opportunities for both private and public sector organizations in Africa.

The complexity and dynamism of the African economic and political environments also mean that businesses and organizations are faced with an ever-increasing number of daunting problems that cannot be solved with traditional management approaches and methodologies.

In today’s Africa to do the same old things in the same old ways is to stand still. And to stand still is a formula for disaster. Organizations in Africa cannot stay competitive without a culture of innovation that nourishes new products and services, new business models, new management methods, new processes and strategies that offer significant new value to customers.

Hence, most business and public sector executives in Africa now understand that innovation management is critically important to the overall success of our companies, governments and countries but do not know how and where to start.

iFAI has a very timely, unique and bold vision, to provide a key leadership role in the development of innovation management expertise among companies and organizations in Africa.

Vision & Mission

iFAI’s vision is to be the premier advocate and comprehensive resource center for the professional practice of innovation management in Africa.

iFAI’s mission is to enable organizations in Africa achieve excellence in innovation management, and its allied fields, by implementing best and next practices.


  • iFAI promotes innovation management best and next practices in companies and organizations in Africa.
  • iFAI disseminates innovation knowledge and practices throughout African society.
  • iFAI organizes Annual Africa Innovation Forum.
  • iFAI provides platforms for individuals to obtain professional certification in innovation.
  • iFAI contributes to national innovation policy development and implementation


iFAI is located in Accra, Ghana. The primary governing body of iFAI is the Executive Committee, which is made up of representatives of each of iFAI member companies and the President. The Executive Committee sets the general policies that guide iFAI operations. Click here to view the management team

Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) is comprised of leading innovation management practitioners and academics who share a commitment to iFAI’s core activities of identifying, stimulating, supporting, and disseminating current best as well as next-practice ideas on topics of current and potential interest to the management of innovation in Africa. The primary role of the IAB is to guide iFAI’s leadership on delivering benefits to members. Click here to view the members of the board